Tuesday, March 24th, 2015


What we can learn from the movies for marketing?


  Recently talking to a friend of mine became a question whether it can learn from the movies.He was of the opinion that one can learn some things about life, but nothing more.”Everything in the film is a hoax,” he told me.I turn I did not think so and then I remembered an example from a year ago in Germany.       “Patient received treatment in a clinic with particular symptoms. Doctors can’t find what he has, to the day when Dr. Jürgen Schäfer, thought of an episode ofRead More

Syndrome “boiled frog”

  When I was in university, this was one of my favorite examples, which still remained in my head and I always like pierced ears. What is this syndrome? “In a pot full of water, put a frog. Gradually, scientists began to warm water. The frog is granted, it becomes a nice, water is warming while, imperceptibly boiled frog. Made the same experiment with another frog, but this time the water is in a state of boiling, dropping it into this hot water, the frog jumps and saved from cooking.Read More

Five mistakes which all managers must to voided

  Many professionals in Leadership, have written on the topic, how to be better managers. None of them said that they are not doing their job well. They simply classify mistakes from them in terms of their management team. But who can say whether a manager is “good” or “bad”? Whether it is the owner of the company, CEO`s or team that is led by the manager? Each of these groups has its own criteria for determining whether their manager is “Good” or “bad.” In this article I would likeRead More

What is the marketing?

    What is the “marketing”? If you check for definition in Wikipedia , you will find the following: “According to the latest definition of the American Marketing Association (AMA) marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to consumers for managing relationships with them in ways that benefit the organization and all related parties. “ Every single person on the planet used marketing strategy, even without realizing it. The aim is to improve their status, whether tangible or intangible. Now let’sRead More