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Logoimage Manager Police is a web site that focuses on the help of people who work like Managers, HR specialists, Sales and Marketing. Also and for those who are just starting their careers in these fields. Our goal is to assist in building your career path and to help for yours business to growing.  ManagerPolicek.kinvest.net is a part of Kinvest – 2010 ltd., registered in Republic of Bulgaria.

Here you can find many information about HR, Sales and Marketing. For us these are the main points of a successful business and career path.

We aim to partner with leading experts from around the world to participate in our future projects.


My friend Dwight Mihalicz, ask me when i start this blog, “Konstantin, why “Manager Police”? I have a concern, or perhaps it is advice about the name “Manager Police”. Are you implying that managers are police or act like the police? Or are you the “police” and somehow providing services to managers?

Yes, of course, the part of the name police” is startlingly for the people. But what is actually the work of the “police”? The basis I would point out finding people committed crime type. So I chose this name because one of the purposes of this blog is to find and assist the manager in their work. To take out bad practice in their job, and to help them to start to use good practice.

I am faraway  from the idea that the manager has to be a policeman. But if anyone thinks so, let it be as a “policeman” that does not exceed its powers in their work.



Connie My name is Konstantin Chorbadzhiyski, founder on “Manager Police”.

  •  My university is Master “Public administration” & “Human resources”, South-west university “Neofit Rilski”, Bulgaria;
  • My interest and hobbies is HR, Marketing, Web design, Management, Restaurants;
  • I like also to read, listen the music, driving and to drink wine in my free time;
  • For contact with me:managerpolice@kinvest.net.