How to improve your daily life – several web & software applications – Part 1


In our busy lives, each of us looking for ways in which to facilitate and better their way of working, and thus to facilitate their lives.

Here are some of my favorite apps, which are an integral part of my everyday life.

  1. EVERNOTE– As a lover of all software and web products, I’ve always loved to experiment and look for useful applications that help me in my daily life.One such unique application of which came months ago is EVERNOTE.

Evernotepage             If you have not yet met with “gray elephant”, now is the time to do it.The platform is designed to take notes, like them have the ability to add multimedia – pictures or sound.

For its time, EVERNOTE, offers users a range of services – search, add tags, text correction, sharing with other users and etc.all in real time.

There are several ways to use this incredible application:

  • In your web browser-all you need to do is register and begin creating their notes;
  • To download the application on your computer-This, in my humble opinion is the best option;
  • To use the app on your smartphone.

The application is valid for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and WebOS.You can use all three above options, synchronization is performed alone, or manually on demand.

From a financial standpoint, the company Evernote Corporation, have taken care to provide three versions – Basic (free), Plus (£ 19.99 per year), Premium (£ 34.99 per year).

For more information, please visit the website of EVERNOTE.

2.   As someone who is constantly looking for new and useful information on the Internet, as well as preparing his next article, I could not cope without the Evernote Web Clipper.

Thanks to this addition, which is applicable for Firefox or Google Chrome, this article is fact. The additive itself slogan “Goodbye bookmarks. Hello Web Clipper “, can you tell, what exactly is appropriate. Let’s say that you liked an article or have established favorites in EVERNOTE, which collect important financial information, Web Clipper, will store it for you without having to copy the contents and download multimedia content.

Besides this supplement EVERNOTE, have created more useful applications to make use functional and useful, and to fully meet your requirements.


  1.   When talking to organization, there is no way not to mention Wunderlist. For this product I found by accident in June 2015 after reading that Microsoft are acquired it. My interest wake up and I decided to it test.


The application is designed specifically to facilitate your daily routine helps you to create lists of tasks that must be done in the future or in the present tense.With its help, you can make your priority date for the execution of a task description.

As modern application of his time by the company have got to make it available to each platform.So you can, create a list of your phone while going to work, to synchronize it with your computer in your office and can mark the chores done. Another plus that I personally find, is the sharing of tasks to people in your team. So, without wasting time to send official e-mails, your team can get the entire list of tasks for the day.

Also, most useful and beautiful applications, Wunderlist, is available in three versions – Free, Pro and Business.

4.  No man on earth who has not heard of social networking PINTEREST, but for TRELLO? Why mention the social network ?! This web based application has nothing to do with the creators of the social network, but its design, strong it resembles. I would like to get involved with data, which from whom he took the idea, but the important thing is that TRELLO is a powerful tool to manage your day, week, month or year.


And with this tool developers of Fog Creek Software, and then in October 2014, they Trello Inc., have tried to make this tool accessible to all kinds of devices and the most by web browsers.

Trello app

The sharing of tasks in your team becomes easy and fast.Truly an extraordinary helper in your day.

The application is also available in three price lists – free, Business Class and Enterprise.

For more information, please visit TRELLO.


5.   In preparing this article and looking for the best applications segment of Project management software, I found one of the most recommended web, namely – ASANA.


The application is suitable for the management of complex and large scale projects, and the use of his entire team.

The creation of several projects, each with different tasks, deadlines, attaching files, these are just some of the possibilities of this application.

Software is available for iOS and Android. The company offers two versions – free and paid (Premium), for more information see section “Pricing”.


The title of the article suggests that the list of this type of software does not end here.Soon it will be ready and Part 2, which will increase this list of useful applications that help us to be more productive in our busy lives.

And I will expect your comments on what applications you use for your busy day.

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