How to improve your daily life – several web & software applications – Part 2


Here is the continuation of How to improve your daily life – several web & software applications – Part 1.

As in the first part and here I will show you some of the applications that will help you save time and effort in their daily lives.
1. ZOTERO – A personal research assistant. Zotero is the only research tool that automatically senses content in your web browser, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click.


This application is a great helpful when you want to keep material that you found on the web. The application can be installed directly to one of the supported browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari or directly on your laptop or computer.
In Zotero, you can create categories, and thus to save the content you want, in the category where it will be at your disposal at any time.
One of its biggest advantages is that even if you are offline you will be able to view and study the stored materials.
2. TweetDeck – This is the official client of the social network Twitter.


With this application, you can split your social network, multiple columns, depending on your activity. Also you can manage multiple accounts easily and quickly.
Indeed, applications which will save you time and improve your productivity.
3. LinkedIn Pulse – Really one facility for these from you who want to know all new posts in social network LinkedIn.


Here are some of the advantages quoted directly from his website:
Customizable – Personalize your feed by selecting from hundreds of trusted sources including LinkedIn Influencers.
Easy to Use – All new design offers easy to read news bites of the professional content and insights that matter.
Join the conversation – See what’s trending among professionals worldwide and sign in with LinkedIn to easily like, comment, and share articles with your network.
So with this app you will always be informed of what is happening in real time, and will help you to manage your account.

                       4. Podio – An amazing application for managing projects.

Podio is a powerful tool that will greatly in – your good performance and will facilitate your working day. Personally for me, this is the tool that is an integral part of my life.

I use it to create any daily tasks to notes on each article.
5.  If this, then that – it is not an application or software, it is a free web tool. If the work or even hobby you connected to the Internet, you have a large number of accounts that take most of your time with their management, and you have a million online tasks you need to accomplish, it is the right tool for you.


Bloggers around the world have long discovered the benefits of this tool. With this tool, you can connect your accounts in different online services that will automate your work without your intervention.
With Ifttt (If this, then that), connect your favorite web tools in a way that is individual to you.
From how I started using it, I can say that I save a lot of time in managing mine social networking accounts.
If you have not tried this tool, try it now and see how your day will change and how long it will save.
This list does not end here. In the vast Internet space, there are millions of applications, free and paid, that were created with the sole purpose to improve our productivity, saving time and effort.
In this article and in How to improve your daily life – several web & software applications – Part 1, your attention, I presented some of the best apps that I have used and continue to use it.
I’ll be glad if you share your experience with this variety of applications and what are your favorites.

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