Restaurant manager – How to find perfect candidate (Part I)

2 months ago, a friend of mine, owner of the restaurant called me to ask me for help. Opened a new restaurant and seeks manager. He received countless CV. Invited only ten people to interview and all stopped just two and wondered which of them to appoint to the vacancy position.

I asked him to send me a CV to elect, and I’ll talk to them and to 2-3 days will hear him say my opinion.

After reviewing the applications of the two youths, I found that both have good resumes. But none of them had worked as a restaurant manager. They had reached the position of supervisor, head waiter, but not a manager of a restaurant. I called and one of their employers to get more information. Each of them said that the worker is a good worker and wishing them success in new ventures. I decided to contact the candidate №1. A young man of 32 years old. We arranged to have lunch together.

I booked a table in a nice restaurant, one of the most popular, but I do not like it. I took him there for one reason. Staff was not the most polite. Young people were smiling, but it was only to observe the label. Also, their manager is a man tyrant. I became witness screaming in the middle of the restaurant waiters, as if they were animals. I wanted to see what the reaction of the candidate in such a situation. Luckily for me, he told me that he had never been there.

At dinner, we witnessed such a scene. The waiter was something wrong at the next table. Normally each customer to complain. And the restaurant has developed such a storm from the manager to the waiter that even the storm has more mercy than this man. While onlookers were me, the candidate told me that he had never seen anything like it. And that would never come to work here. Even the broadcast of the staff it depressed and did not feel comfortable.

After lunch, I decided to invite him to dinner at another restaurant as elegant, but with this difference, manager was a friend with the staff and all of the staff respected him. At my request, the best waiter in the restaurant is also a friend of mine had me wrong order, but without the knowledge of the Manager. Just to play out like a scene which we witnessed lunch.

As we agreed and did. Then came the main course, I said that I had not ordered it. The waiter was embarrassed, smiled and began to apologize to me. At the same time came and the manager. He also apologized with a smile, and after procedure sorry, we decided the issue. Throughout, my candidate also tried to reassure me and said that we are all human and we all make mistakes, and no problem to wait until I prepare a proper meal.

Following this situation, the manager aside the waiter and asked him how he managed just to confuse me. It was with an equal and friendly tone. The waiter explained that just clearly not got it, then the manager patted him on the shoulder and told him as the father of a child made ​​a mistake, “Well do not worry there is no sinless people. Now I know that the restaurant is full and there is a lot of work, but take your coffee and leave for 5 minutes, so, just to relax. And do not worry! ”

My candidate after he heard and saw all this, told me: “This is a real manager! Understanding and pity. I’d come here to ask for a job if I’m not your man for a vacant position. I feel calm and I feel this tension I experienced in other restaurants.”

We talked also questioned how it would approach different situations. His answers were accurate and site specific. Finally, I told the staff at the restaurant which is now located. We told that they have a large family and friends. And that one day the manager if they leave each one of them will walk away with it. I told him also that confused my order has been staging from me, but the manager did not know about it, but the waiter, because I wanted to show him how it should react to a good manager. Finally I asked him “Why do you want to be a manager of a restaurant?”

The answer was precise and clear.

The second candidate made ​​an appointment for the next day. The plan was the same. Visit the two restaurants, role scene with confused orders and so on.

During lunch, also witnessed the scene how the manager screaming like crazy in the staff. The reaction of my candidate surprised me. “This is a manager, or you come to work or not. If you do not like there’s the door. ‘I asked him, “But you as a customer now do not you feel a little uncomfortable to listen to the manager screaming?” And he “Yes, a little awkward, but I see the restaurant is full and there is no time when to show the officer that his every mistake cost the owner money!” At that time I asked him if he was there the waiter how he felt. College №2, was confident to the core. He smiled and proudly told me that he would not let such an elementary mistake. Also, constantly commenting on the errors of his fellow waiters over lunch. He pushed me.

After we finished lunch, I asked him “Why do you want to become a manager of a restaurant?” His answer was full of confidence. All the time spent with this young man of 35, I felt a trap. I listened to him all the time, how he was the best. I like people who are confident and know their abilities, but I did not see this candidate to have any coverage.

Goodbye is not arrange to meet for dinner, I was chosen candidate №1. I called my acquaintance and told him to appoint him.

Two months later, my friend, the owner of the restaurant, called me and thanked me for the right choice. The young man is distributing 100% constantly coming up with new ideas. Staff adored him, and came with a “song at work”. Customers felt the change and started more often to visit him restaurant.

On the same day I had a meeting at the aforementioned restaurant with poor service and tyrant manager. I arrived early bit, showed me the table and sat down, I saw the College №2. He was pulled aside and the manager yelled at him, as crazy as ever. Seeing me, the man came to me and asked me where he was wrong and why it was chosen for the position of manager. Then I replied that in him I saw a second tyrant, second as his current manager. Then he shook my hand and said: “For the first time someone described me so exactly. I always try to give everything, and I never liked employees who go to work to make just salary. But now, even I found that when staff is suppressed and controlled in this way, which is here, you can not do your job 100%. And saying these words, I conclude that when the staff is happy and the customers are happy. “At the same time we went to question manager greeted me and turned to the waiter:” It works, but not a place to meet friends when you’re working. “Then College №2, surprised me with his actions, he turned and said to his face that he was leaving and that if it continues in this vein, will soon be a manager himself.

In the face of my candidate I saw disappointment in himself, and that he understood his mistake.

It is not easy to be a manager of a restaurant, but if you find a “golden mean” – neither too strict no too soft with the staff, then staff will be happy, but also customers. “Happy staff = happy customers.”

For what is a restaurant with poor service and depressed staff – nothing just room crowded with tables and chairs.

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