What should be the role of the manager?

The leading specialists in the field of management and leadership have different views on this issue.

Some argue that the organization is not effective and successful without this leading position. The team should be headed manager to oversee and monitor its performance. For those followers is in effect saying, “When the cat is gone, the mice make the banquet.” (Saying No to Self-Managed Teams: Why You Need Managers) .

On the other side of the coin are experts who argue that this view is outdated, and new developments require a change in this view. They stop and self-discipline of employees, arguing that officials want to keep the job even without the manager will be effective.

Both theories are true. I would not say that without Manager  organization would be ineffective, but I and agreed that the team needs a manager. Driven by the above I would like to dwell on the problem of what should be the role of the manager.

  1. The manager must have an educational role – entering this position is presumed that this man has more knowledge and experience than other team members. In this case, the manager must submit to subordinate knowledge accumulated over the years. To help them improve their skills, to show them the mistakes committed by them and advise them on how to eliminate them.
  2. The manager must have a supporting role – not the manager, to do the work of his employees. It should help in fulfilling their obligations, to provide guidance and direction, but not to implement them 100%. In that case, why the organization has a staff of lower level, where the manager perform their tasks. Not to say that the manager must that sits remove and that not picks participation in working process. On the contrary, exactly vice versa. To Say if You are Restaurant manager, it does not mean not taking orders in your customers, or not to help in cleaning the tables, but your position suggests that you should show your waiter, how to talk with customers, how that them sell pleasure, so that they to return again.
  3.   The manager must have a controlling role – say controlling, but not police. You need to have the skills to cope with problems arising within the team and outside it. All we have constructed opinion on specific matters of any kind. But not always our opinion coincides with that of others, right here is controlling manager role, do not allow the differences between two or more employee to leave the boundaries of workflow and of constructive dispute.
  4.  The manager must have leadership role – in an organizational structure like the team, headed by its leader, always has formal and informal leader. The formal leader is the manager himself and informal – a man who listens to the whole team and it invariably follows. In this case, the manager is not be afraid of this man, but rather should help him improve. Thus, the informal leader of the team will also not afraid of pressure from the manager, but the manager will not be threatened by removal from his post.
  5.  The manager must manage how and who to delegate his powers. This is one of the main roles of the manager. After having built a good team, realizing who the informal leader, then comes the next step – the delegation of powers. Each of us is different and even to work in a team performing a task or project, each of us stands with their abilities. Here is a fine line where the manager must have gotten to know so much people, give them breathed confidence to be able to delegate some of its powers. This can be done using informal leader who also understood which of the team are his weaknesses and strengths. So employees will have more responsibilities and will feel more complete in carrying out their tasks. They will really feel that they are part of the organization for which they work.

The biggest challenge for managers is to build a good team. Team that is sure his manager and trusted him unconditionally, then it can say that the organization has won with such and such a team manager. The role of the manager should not be police or bordering on tyranny, controlling or too friendly. It should be more parental and teacher. To help build self-discipline and self-control in employees. Be helpful and assist.

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