What is the marketing?



What is the “marketing”? If you check for definition in Wikipedia , you will find the following:

“According to the latest definition of the American Marketing Association (AMA) marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to consumers for managing relationships with them in ways that benefit the organization and all related parties. “

Every single person on the planet used marketing strategy, even without realizing it. The aim is to improve their status, whether tangible or intangible.

Now let’s see examples of real situations that will show how each of us uses marketing.



    1. Direct marketing (direct sale) – your friend, working in a other company, you invited to a company party. Going at the party, you go to the General Manager and say: “I’m glad that I’m here with your great team. My name is “X” and I am an IT professional with years of experience. It is not far, but I would appreciate if discuss my future job application at you in an appropriate and convenient time. “In this case, you use the ” direct sale ” of you itself. You have experience and knowledge, as IT specialist and want that to “Sell”. In life everything is selling, and everyone seeks to sell.





                      2. Advertising – your friend, take it you to the company party. When you go there, he presents you on him bosses and said: “This is my friend and with him we was students. He is a very good IT specialist and our company will lose if you do not take us to work.” In this case, your known makes you “advertising”. Points to his superiors, your skills and your knowledge. “Advertising” from centuries used to encourage, persuade or even to manipulate people to focus on a specific product or service.



                      3. Competition – you went to a corporate party of another company of which you were invited. They satisfied with his work as an IT professional in your company, but have heard that working conditions and pay are better in this company. Making the decision to present some of the owners and at the moment when you go to one of them, see how another young man, similar to your intentions, you are already ahead and negotiate the appointment. Here is manifested “competition.” In life and in business, everyone strives to be better than others and captured more market share.



                         4. Recognition of the brand – the party to which you have been invited to you approaching the General Manager of the company and speaks to you: “Are not you” X “, who works as an IT specialist in this company? I would like tomorrow to invite you to lunch and to discuss possible you move with us! “When a product, commodity, service or person is good in their field, everyone is talking about it.



                           5. Feedback – you went to a party, the company in which you were to interview a few days ago. Until you are approaching one of the interviewers and tell you: “It is good that you are here. Tomorrow you will receive an e-mail, in which you thanks for manifested interest to our company, but not reply of our requirements. Sorry. ” How whether times person is received similar e-mail, or has been told in a place that does not meet the requirements for filling a vacant position. Business is important to have a “feedback” with your customers can more easily understand what they think about their product or service.

In our lives there are many examples that can in a simple way to explain “What is marketing?” But if you can move forward in a failure, this business would be fatal. True is that you stand behind every product, good or service, and this person must be sufficiently decisive and quick to not allow this product to market failures.



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