Price & Consult

consultimg1 We believe in people. We believe that everyone need to grow in him professional path. We know that is better when have somebody who can help you. For this reason we are here.

In our webinars, anyone can be part, after request. Using social networks and other media channels, we will inform you about when  will be held one.

Our consult program is focused for training people and:

  1. Restaurant staff (managers and regular staff).
  2. Sales person (Sales representative).
  3. Prepare HR program and consult about innovative technicians in HR.
  4. Marketing tricks (SEO for Web, Mobile marketing, Social Marketing, Email marketing).
  5. Search job – personal consult for people which looking for job.
  6. Employee search – we can help in your business to find employes for your vacancy positions.
  7. For employers will conduct research as a candidate for the vacant position, how reliable is the information provided in him CV.

For price and our consult program you can contact with us in: