For or against the training of staff at a low level?


About a month ago, a company with few outlets for groceries, contact with me to do recruitment for announced their vacancies. After discussing details and their requirements, I start a search candidates. When I was ready,  I sent to my client several CV, on people that I think would be successful for advertised vacancies. After a week  I was informed of their HR department that the positions are already occupied, but they have another free position in their department and would like to meet some of the candidates that meRead More

What can we learn from the directors of successful business


             What is the association that you do hear the titles of movies like “The Godfather” or “Apocalypse Now”? What do you think of movies like “Man on Fire” or “Pulp Fiction”?               But what really makes these movies attractive and interesting years ago? Whether because of the great acting of Travolta John (“Pulp Fiction”) or the game of Brando Marlon (“Apocalypse Now” & “The Godfather”), or those responsible for their success are the others?                   The acting is important, but what is the actor without aRead More

How to improve your daily life – several web & software applications – Part 2


Here is the continuation of How to improve your daily life – several web & software applications – Part 1. As in the first part and here I will show you some of the applications that will help you save time and effort in their daily lives. 1. ZOTERO – A personal research assistant. Zotero is the only research tool that automatically senses content in your web browser, allowing you to add it to your personal library with a single click. This application is a great helpful when you wantRead More

How to improve your daily life – several web & software applications – Part 1


In our busy lives, each of us looking for ways in which to facilitate and better their way of working, and thus to facilitate their lives. Here are some of my favorite apps, which are an integral part of my everyday life. EVERNOTE– As a lover of all software and web products, I’ve always loved to experiment and look for useful applications that help me in my daily life.One such unique application of which came months ago is EVERNOTE.              If you have not yet met with “gray elephant”, nowRead More

Motivation as a factor for successful business

                    Regardless of the area of your business, the most valuable asset you own is your servants. Therefore one of the main issues which concerned management for years is the question of motivation. Assuming presumed reply “Happy staff = happy customers”, then we come to the conclusion that in order to achieve better results, make your customers happy, management must first take care of its employees. Each organization must accept their employees, not for granted, but as a tool to achieve their goals. That said, management must find a wayRead More

What are the main mistakes that allowed each manager when starting a new job?

Each of us, starting a new job strives to demonstrate and show their bosses, their potential. Ambition and desire to be good professionals and especially not lose their job, most cases are making more problems. At this point, each allowing several major errors on their subordinates. Troubleshooting problems from day one – after as, new manager to it is met with problems, he to embarks in their solving. Activated by the will that no impossible Things manager begin General change more from first day on his appointment. The team discoversRead More

What should be the role of the manager?

The leading specialists in the field of management and leadership have different views on this issue. Some argue that the organization is not effective and successful without this leading position. The team should be headed manager to oversee and monitor its performance. For those followers is in effect saying, “When the cat is gone, the mice make the banquet.” (Saying No to Self-Managed Teams: Why You Need Managers) . On the other side of the coin are experts who argue that this view is outdated, and new developments require aRead More

Restaurant manager – How to find perfect candidate (Part I)

2 months ago, a friend of mine, owner of the restaurant called me to ask me for help. Opened a new restaurant and seeks manager. He received countless CV. Invited only ten people to interview and all stopped just two and wondered which of them to appoint to the vacancy position. I asked him to send me a CV to elect, and I’ll talk to them and to 2-3 days will hear him say my opinion. After reviewing the applications of the two youths, I found that both have goodRead More

What we can learn from the movies for marketing?


  Recently talking to a friend of mine became a question whether it can learn from the movies.He was of the opinion that one can learn some things about life, but nothing more.”Everything in the film is a hoax,” he told me.I turn I did not think so and then I remembered an example from a year ago in Germany.       “Patient received treatment in a clinic with particular symptoms. Doctors can’t find what he has, to the day when Dr. Jürgen Schäfer, thought of an episode ofRead More

Syndrome “boiled frog”

  When I was in university, this was one of my favorite examples, which still remained in my head and I always like pierced ears. What is this syndrome? “In a pot full of water, put a frog. Gradually, scientists began to warm water. The frog is granted, it becomes a nice, water is warming while, imperceptibly boiled frog. Made the same experiment with another frog, but this time the water is in a state of boiling, dropping it into this hot water, the frog jumps and saved from cooking.Read More