What can we learn from the directors of successful business


             What is the association that you do hear the titles of movies like “The Godfather” or “Apocalypse Now”? What do you think of movies like “Man on Fire” or “Pulp Fiction”?               But what really makes these movies attractive and interesting years ago? Whether because of the great acting of Travolta John (“Pulp Fiction”) or the game of Brando Marlon (“Apocalypse Now” & “The Godfather”), or those responsible for their success are the others?                   The acting is important, but what is the actor without aRead More

Motivation as a factor for successful business

                    Regardless of the area of your business, the most valuable asset you own is your servants. Therefore one of the main issues which concerned management for years is the question of motivation. Assuming presumed reply “Happy staff = happy customers”, then we come to the conclusion that in order to achieve better results, make your customers happy, management must first take care of its employees. Each organization must accept their employees, not for granted, but as a tool to achieve their goals. That said, management must find a wayRead More